Fighter Profile


Name: The Rocktopus


Reach: 3 feet


From: Pacific Ocean, USA
Fights Out Of: Kansas City, MO, USA
Skill Breakdown: BJJ Black Belt
Highlights: Never been submitted by armbar (although he could lose an arm and grow it right back); once tapped out two opponents at the same time.
Favorite Submission: Swimming armbar


Born into a large family that called the Pacific Ocean its home, The Rocktopus started life like any other octopus--eating plankton, avoiding sea otters, and playing Clue with his 20,000 siblings.  It wasn't until he was about a year old that his grappling talent was discovered at an ocean-wide youth sports camp.  Soon after realizing that he had the ability to be a champion, he devoted all his time to training and quickly rose through the belt ranks, securing his black belt by age two.  While the ocean had been a good place to learn, The Rocktopus knew he would have to transition to dry land to continue learning; he settled on Kansas City and moved to the middle of the USA with only his BJJ belt, an iPod, and a backpack of crabs for dinner.  Within weeks, he had made a name for himself in his new town as the kind of athlete you want on your team--showing equal parts dedication, tenacity, and humor.  Since moving to KC, The Rocktopus has won several tournaments and has competed in a number of invitationals and expos to bring attention to the sport.