BJJ Gi Weave/Fabric Styles

When you're new to Brazilian jiu jitsu, the terms surrounding gi styles and materials can be a bit confusing.  For the BJJ newbies out there, here's a rundown of the different styles of BJJ gi fabric:

Single Weave Material

Single Weave Cotton: This is a thinner, less-expensive fabric often used in the traditional judo gi.  While it is lightweight, it is typically less durable than other materials.

Gold Weave Material

Gold Weave Cotton: This material is basically in-between the single weave and double weave cotton as far as weight and durability.


Double Weave Cotton: The thickest of all kimono materials, double weave cotton is heavy, durable, and hot.  While the heavy material can make it difficult for your opponent to grip, you will also be sweating buckets.  We recommend this for your weight cutting sessions.  

Pearl Weave Material

Pearl Weave Cotton: A lightweight, durable, fabric that can be very stiff.  It's our personal favorite, but we've got nothing against the others!

Ripstop Material

Ripstop: This is made from many different materials woven together; the end result is an extremely lightweight, durable fabric.  Awesome for pants (but don't wear your red undies, they'll show through), not so great for kimonos as the lightweight, flexible material can make it easy for your opponent to grab the jacket and control you.  Also, keep in mind that ripstop kimonos are not IBJJF legal for competition.

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