June 23, 2015


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Top Ten BJJ Hygiene Tips

Proper hygiene in BJJ is not just a good idea--it’s imperative.  After all, if you’re not careful, you can pick up (and/or spread) some pretty nasty skin infections.  Whether you’re a brand new white belt who needs to know the basics or an experienced practitioner who could use a refresher, here’s ten things you need to do to keep your rolls squeaky clean.

  1. Wash your gi after every class; consider using a special laundry add-in like Super Shield or a cup of vinegar for extra protection.  

  2. Wash your belt.  Seriously, it gets just as sweaty and gross as your gi after class.

  3. Wear shoes when you step off the mat--ESPECIALLY if you’re going to the bathroom or locker room.  You can grab some cheap foam sandals for 3 or 4 bucks at Walmart or Target--no excuses.

  4. Take a shower immediately after class--consider using a special soap that includes antibacterial/antifungal ingredients like tea tree oil.  You can even make your own at home if you’re feeling ambitious.  Just google “ diy tea tree oil soap.”

  5. If you can’t take a shower immediately after class, use some body wipes to cleanse.  Defense Soap has some good ones that we’ve used, but there are plenty of others on the market as well.  

  6. If you think you have a skin infection like ringworm or staph, stay off the mats and see a doctor.  If you look at your skin and think, “Hmmm, that’s odd…” that’s enough doubt to warrant a professional’s opinion before potentially exposing your teammates.  

  7. Make sure you’re training at a place that regularly cleans and disinfects the mats.  Not sure?  Ask.  If they hesitate or can’t give you a straight answer, run.  

  8. If you have a sore that a doctor has confirmed is not a skin infection, still best to cover it before rolling, preferably with gauze and tape.  

  9. Hit your bag with an anti-fungal spray every now and then. More now than then would be good.  

  10. If you carry a sweaty gi home in your bag, make sure to leave it open to dry out.  Also see tip #9.

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