June 02, 2015


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Who is Rocktopus Fight Co?

We're an apparel company that loves BJJ and having fun--we make stuff that combines the two.  If you've got the unique combination of competitive spirit AND lightheartedness about life, you're our kind of fighter.

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6 Questions for...Jake Fox

Name:  Jake Fox


Rank & Organization:  Black belt, Nova Geração (Andre "Tim" Monteiro)

Etc:  Co-owner of Fox Fitness & BJJ;  co-owner of Fox Raw Bars





1.  What do you consider your worst BJJ moment, and why?

My last mma fight in 2010. I was fighting a much taller guy. I got too focused on ground and pound and ended up giving my opponent an armbar. It's the reality check of being beaten by anyone at any given time. 

2.  What’s an “AHA!” moment you’ve had in your journey?

After my last knee surgery in 2011 to repair my ACL and Meniscus. In recovery from the anesthesia I was crying like a baby because I thought I would never do Jiu-Jitsu again. It was then I truly found out Jiu-Jitsu was my true passion.

3.  What’s the best BJJ advice you’ve ever received?

I once saw a Tshirt that said "STFU and train". It's really representative of any athletic endeavor. No matter what your natural talent is, success comes from how dedicated you are to your training. 

4.  What is one habit you have that you believe has contributed to your success?

There's always someone out there that can kick your ass. You always need to be able to outwork the guy next to you. True champions don't necessarily have natural talent, but they have the work ethic to put in more time and effort. 

5.  How do you mentally and physically prepare for competition?

I feel the two are tied together. When preparing for competition, if I'm physically conditioned, it inspires confidence in my game. I like to do visualization to prepare myself mentally. 

6.  Who is your favorite superhero?

Not Aquaman. 

The Rocktopus
The Rocktopus


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