May 26, 2015


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Top Father's Day Gifts for BJJ Dads

Top Father's Day Gifts for BJJ Dads from Rocktopus Fight Co

We know how you feel--you just get done with Mother's Day and you already have to think of another gift?  Can't they space these holidays out a little more?  Well have no fear...we're back with our list of top gifts for your jiu-jitsu dad.  Whether they train themselves or support someone who does, you'll be golden with one of these ideas.  

For Dads Who Train...

1)  The gift of extra training.  That's right, if they normally go to class twice per week, give them the "a-ok" to spend an extra night at the gym.  The dads we know are pretty awesome and put family first--so they can sometimes feel guilty for spending time away from the family.  The gift of "permission" to take some time for themselves can be the best gift of all.  Print out a gift certificate or coupon book (you overachiever, you) and put a smile on their face.  

2)  Puzzle mats.  For rolling with the kids, of course.  After all, rolling with them on the carpet is so...amateur.  

3)  A new gi.  Goes along with the extra day of training, or just because they need to add to their collection.  How many gis are too many, really?

4)  Chess set.  There's a reason chess pieces are such a common image in BJJ.  Both involve insane amounts of strategy.  He can build up his "strategy brain muscle" playing chess and put it into practice on the mat.  

5)  Grapplers' Toolbox Subscription.  "It's the gift that keeps on giving, Clark."  Fair warning--we haven't tried this product yet, but it looks pretty darn cool.  Every month, they'll send your dad a box of "jiu-jitsu essentials."  

6) Subscription.  You may remember this name from a guest blog post by Travis Conley awhile back.  He's got a great online workout subscription option (including BJJ specific workouts) that's only $12.99/mo.

7)  Our "Jiu-Jitsu: The Art of Awesomeness" t-shirt.  Shameless plug?  You betcha.  But all the cool dads are wearing them, and you don't want him to be left out, do you?  


For Dads Who Support...

1)  BACON.  If they're going to sit through a jiu-jitsu tourney to show support, you owe them bacon.  Not sure what type of bacon to get them?  Google "Bacon of the Month Club."  You're welcome. 

2)  Bleacher seat.  Sure, it seems awesome when you show up to a tourney where they actually have somewhere to sit.  But forcing your dad to sit through hours of jiu-jitsu without back support is just mean.  

3)  A cooler.  But not just any cooler.  This is for a dad, after all, so practicality goes out the window.  We're talking iPhone compatible audio system on wheels with interior lights.  Also, filled with beer and bacon.  

4)  iPhone camera lens.  To capture every amazing move during tourneys.  We found a kit for only $36 on Amazon (way cheaper than a whole new camera), which means you can give a cool gadget without breaking the bank.  

5)  Framed picture of him with you (or the kids) after a tourney.  Nothing could say "thanks for your support" more than something personal like a picture.  Kick it up a notch by having someone turn it into a caricature.  

Finally, if none of the above seem to fit, we would like to recommend any one of our jiu-jitsu t-shirts.  Great for dads who train, those who support, and you--because you worked hard to find them an awesome gift, and you should reward yourself.  


The Rocktopus
The Rocktopus


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