May 06, 2015


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Who is Rocktopus Fight Co?

We're an apparel company that loves BJJ and having fun--we make stuff that combines the two.  If you've got the unique combination of competitive spirit AND lightheartedness about life, you're our kind of fighter.

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6 Questions For...Ninja Pinto

In our first installment of our "6 Questions" feature, we're highlighting a BJJ Black Belt who is actually named Ninja.  What could be more awesome than that?  

Name: Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto

Rank & Organization: Nova União Black Belt

BJJ Highlights:  World Champion; US Champion; Brazil Champion; At one point ranked as #1 Brown Belt in the world by IBJJF

Etc: Owner of Brazil Academy in Olathe, KS; highly accomplished Capoeira practitioner

1)  What do you consider your worst BJJ moment, and why?

The worst moment was getting seriously injured. I ripped every disk of my neck and I was out for 13 months.

2)  What’s an “AHA!” moment you’ve had in your journey?

An Aha moment was when I won the Worlds. Because I realized it was not impossible.

3)  What’s the best jiu-jitsu advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice was "do not accept an position from your opponent."

4)  What is one habit you have that you believe has contributed to your success?

The habit of training every day.

5)  How do you mentally and physically prepare for competition?

I roll a lot, I condition a lot, I drill techniques and I visualize myself doing the techniques.

6)  Who is your favorite superhero?

My favorite superhero is my father.

The Rocktopus
The Rocktopus


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