April 27, 2015


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Who is Rocktopus Fight Co?

We're an apparel company that loves BJJ and having fun--we make stuff that combines the two.  If you've got the unique combination of competitive spirit AND lightheartedness about life, you're our kind of fighter.

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Top Mother's Day Gifts for BJJ Moms

It's almost Mother's Day, which means you need to get with the program and find that perfect gift.  If your mom plays the harp, sorry, we're no help.  But if you have an awesome BJJ mom, read on for some gift ideas that might just make you her favorite...

If the mom is a BJJ supporter, but doesn’t like rolling around on the ground herself…

1.  An awesome cooler for all the drinks and healthy snacks she’ll need to take to tourneys

It doesn’t have to be the one with speakers, but that would definitely get brownie points.

2.  A top-notch camping chair

... because it can be exhausting to stand the entire 4+ hours she’s at a tourney.  Seriously, the floor doesn’t cut it either

3.  A new camera

If you’ve got a larger budget, consider getting her a new camera that takes great action shots.  Guaranteed to be a hit.  Plus, imagine the picture she’ll grab of you with your hand raised...

4.  Tourney Survival Kit

You think tourney days are long for you?  That’s nothing compared to a BJJ supporter mom’s day.  Put together a kit with reading material, healthy snacks, drinks, and maybe even an explanation of the point system if she’s new to the sport.

5.  Gift certificate for washing your own stinky gi for the next month (or 12, you decide…)

No explanation needed here.  Not having to touch that sweaty, smelly gi is really priceless...


If the mom hands out armbars like a BJJ rockstar…

1.  Gift certificate for a private lesson with a top-notch instructor

Whether it’s the instructor at her gym or a “bucket-list” instructor traveling through town, an experience that helps her improve is always a memorable gift.  

2.  A massage

A BJJ-er’s body takes a bit of a beating, and soreness is a regular occurrence.  A great massage can not only help relieve muscle pain or soreness, but can also improve athletic performance. 

3.  Flowers the color of her belt

Anyone can give flowers on Mother’s Day--but kick it up a notch for the BJJ mom in your life by giving her flowers in her belt color.  

4.  A new gear bag

Because, seriously, if you use them with any frequency those things can fall apart.  And who DOESN’T love a new gear bag?

5.  DIY antibacterial spray

She always says it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?  Help her keep fungus and other nasty BJJ-related things at bay with a DIY antibacterial spray: 1 cup water; 2 TBSP vinegar, and 5 drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil.  

And, of course--shameless plug here--you can’t go wrong with a Rocktopus shirt!  She’ll love it  (and if she doesn’t, you get to keep it for yourself!)

The Rocktopus
The Rocktopus


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