April 25, 2016


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6 Questions for...Shaun Kennedy

Rank & Organization: Black Belt, Pedro Sauer BJJ Association

BJJ Highlights: Over 140 wins; 90% submission rate; double gold at IBJJF Pan Ams; only submitted 3 times; only 12 losses.

1)  What do you consider your worst BJJ moment, and why? 

Never had any really terrible moments, but there has been times where I didn’t tap early due to ego and really regretted it.  I hate when I let my ego get the better of me.

2)  What’s an “AHA!” moment you’ve had in your journey?

When passing guard I had a moment about controlling their hips being my main goal.

3)  What’s the best jiu-jitsu advice you’ve ever received?

Practice jiu jitsu now in a way that will let you continue practicing into your old age.  Everybody likes a tough roll but you might pay for it later.

4)  What is one habit you have that you believe has contributed to your success?

Obsession; I often became obsessed with a move and and only go for that move for months at a time.

5)  How do you mentally and physically prepare for competition? 

Train hard and give myself pep talks through out the day

6)  Who is your favorite superhero?

Flash is the shit!

Brandon Cain
Brandon Cain


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